Sandy has been playing the electric bass guitar since the late 1960's.

Sandy continues to be heavily influenced by musical greats such as:

Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius and Paul McCartney to name a few.

Sandy has brought his unique style of melodic, original and one of a kind bass riffs to many artists across Canada over the past 51 years!

The 1970's in Toronto Sandy played, toured and recorded with:

Dianne Heatherington

Ian Thomas

Louise Lambert, Johnny D Fury

Panama and Channel One

He played and recorded with Brent Parkin, Rex Bartlett, Rustle The Fish, Wally Landereth and Ellen McIlwaine in the 1990's in Winnipeg.

Early Winnipeg bands included:

The Quest, Mojo And The Night Hawks, Truck Stop

He has performed original bass parts on recordings by:  Shawnee, Kate Todd, Nell Balaban and Alex J Robinson 

with Adam Fehr and Tim Thorney of Villa Sound Studio in Singhampton, Ontario.

In the late 1990's Sandy began recording his original music which became like breathing for him...

DISPLACED PIECES is his seventeenth project, second collaboration with Leonard Shaw to date.

Currently musical project number 18 is underway featuring his Son


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